Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Projects

This past weekend, students used their Palms to record video clips of such events as the football game, friends, and pets. On Monday, students synced their handhelds and used Windows Movie Maker to edit their videos. Transitions, titles, and special effects were used to enhance the original video. Tuesday, students were given the opportunity to present their final video to fellow classmates. We're not ready for the academy awards yet--but it was a good start!

Today, I divided the class into groups and assigned each group one of the MIT Participatory Simulations. They are to research the simulation, find out how it works and what it is supposed to teach the class. Monday, each group will turn in their project and teach their classmates how to use the simulation.

What's New?? Students saved their windows moviemaker video to the palm desktop and saved it to their Palm. Most were able to show their videos on their palm. Another student discovered how to edit the user name on the palm. (We were still using last year's user names.) Last night, an area church sanctuary burned to the ground. One of our students actually captured the fire on her Palm.