Thursday, September 15, 2005

Palms Travel To Parking Lot

Imagine this -- 81 degrees - 76% humidity -- and 15 students on the parking lot with their Palm Zire 72s! Yes, it was hot; however, the students seemed to enjoy the project. Prior to our journey to the parking lot, I beamed the students an Excel spreadsheet in which they would use to gather data concerning the cars and trucks. Students were to look for makes, colors, and registration hang tags and record their data on the spreadsheet. We synchronized our world clock and set an alarm for 8:45. When the alarm sounded, students were to gather back at the front door of the building.

Back in the building, students synced their handheld to their pc and used several functions to manipulate the data into something more meaningful. Students were also instructed to make their spreadsheet more attractive with graphics, color, shading, and fonts. A graph should also be generated to show their results.