Sunday, September 11, 2005

Saturday's Workshop

Twenty-four educators from throughout Tensas Parish attended Saturday's workshop. When we finally removed the Palms from their hard plastic wrappers, we discovered there was no battery power--ooops. While the batteries charged, we discussed ways in which handheld computers could be used in the classroom, viewed samples of student projects, and explored websites.

The group was very enthusiastic and patient while the batteries were being charged. Participants learned to enter contact information into the address book and beam their business card. We learned how infectious diseases spread by running the participatory simulation Cooties. Sketchy was a real hit! Among the animations created were Hurricane Katrina, Solving Addition Problems, the space shuttle as it moved through the layers of the earth's atmosphere, and a field goal complete with referee and cheerleaders! I learned that you cannot beam from one handheld to another if the handhelds are on top of the elmo device--so much for that demonstration!

We had a very interesting, but productive day. I look forward to visiting with this group again soon.


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