Thursday, October 27, 2005

Meeting of the Minds

On Monday, we invited the Computer Architecture Class to join us for a brief introduction into the world of Palm handheld computers and the MIT participatory simulations. Approximately 35 students participated in this joint venture. Since the Computer Architecture Class has experience working with Cisco networking, we chose Netsworks for our first simulation. These students received a "crash course" in basic palm operations while simulating the way data flows through a computer network. It was safe to say that all students were actively engaged in the learning process. This also gave our visiting class the opportunity to explain the simulation from a computer networking point of view.

This week, my students are finishing their video projects for Station FPHS which include such topics as student talent, cheerleading competition preparation, a public service announcement concerning teenage pregnancy, school news, and a unique look at the imaginary world of books. We're beginning to explore the area of podcasting and look forward to experimenting with it in the upcoming weeks.


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