Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Show and Tell

We all enjoyed the software exploration project--there are many good programs referred to on Tony's site. Yesterday, students shared their new-found programs with their classmates using an Elmo along with a projector. Some of the more interesting school-related programs included Hangman, First Aid, Earth and Sun, Match Who, Angles, and Matches. I could see where Angles could be useful in a Geometry class. We explored first aid suggestions for snake bites, bruises, and flash floods. Two of my students who are more musically inclined presented Bug Band and Rhythm Pro--One student actually played cadences that are used by drummers in our band. Of course, the students really enjoyed the games! Reflax was interesting in the fact that you had to match the word with the color--it's harder than it sounds. We all got involved in trying to beat the palm in Coconut Fern and Tic Tac Tough. Finding all the different images in Illusion4 proved to be quite challenging for some of us. Wordz could be helpful for those who enjoy crossword puzzles and anagrams. Aside from their presentation, students were also required to turn in printed instructions as well as a video clip. I definitely consider this to be a worthwhile project and one worth repeating in future classes.


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