Monday, October 03, 2005

This Week At FPHS

By tomorrow, most students should be finished with their oral history projects. Students took the video, audio, and digital photos from the Palms along with a PowerPoint presentation to create a multimedia project using Producer. Of course, their final product was created with a PC; but all the ground work was completed using the Palm.

The photo journalism project was interesting to grade this week with such photos as homecoming week activities, a local church in ruins after it burned last week, and storm damage due to the remanents of Hurricane Rita.

The students seemed to enjoy the MIT Participatory simulations. They particularly enjoyed Live Long and Proper and the new simulation - Netswork. We plan to invite our computer architecture class one day and have them participate in Netswork with us.

On Wednesday, students will explore the Learning At Hand website and select one curricular application and one school-appropriate game to download. Students will download the programs to their folder on the PC desktop and unzip the program bundles if necessary. Students will hot sync the programs to their handheld. Students must write simple instructions for downloading, hot-syncing, and installing the software to their handheld. Students are encouraged to use screen captures and photographs. Students must also write step-by-step instructions that explain the purpose of the program and how it is run. Once again, screen captures and photographs may be used. Students will also create a short video clip that will show students how the program works. I'll keep you posted.

I have many photos of my students at work--if only I could get blogger to upload them!


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