Thursday, October 06, 2005

We've Got Dropairs!

After reading Tony Vincent's blog concerning the Dropairs program, I had my students download the program on their Zire 72s. They could choose any two boards to download and install as well. Once they were familiar with how the program worked, they downloaded the dropairs board maker and designed their own boards. We really enjoyed this project--we now have dropair boards designed for American History, Foreign Language, Literature, Chemistry, and Computer Components. I'll try to post them on my Palms for Patriots webpage soon.

Next week, students will explore the Learning In Hand website where they will select one curricular application and one appropriate game to install on their handheld. Requirements for the project will include a short paragraph explaining the purpose of the software, step by step instructions, and a short video clip. The ultimate test will be for another student to try the step by step instructions and see if they actually work!

Later in the week, I plan to divide the class into groups of two. These groups will use their palms to create a public service announcement that would be of interest to a teenage audience.


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