Monday, November 28, 2005

Exploring Podcasting

Today, we begin exploring podcasting and how it can be used on the Palm. Quite frankly, I did not realize how exciting this could be. As an introduction for my students, I designed a trackstar that required students to visit six different websites and answer questions from each website. The trackstar also asked students to download and install Audacity as well as listening to parts of several podcasts. FYI, the trackstar number is 268838. For homework, students will write a script for the introduction to a school news podcast and record it on their Palm. Tomorrow, we will listen to each one and vote on our favorite.

Prior to Thanksgiving break, we explored the use of E-book Studio. After downloading the trial version, students created an e-book describing the projects that we have completed thus far and reflected on what they had learned.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Shop Till You Drop

Since the holiday season is just around the corner, I decided to show students how they can use their Palm to create a shopping list and keep their checkbook records up to date. I began by explaining the scenerio: students received a deposit of $2000. They could purchase any item up to $50 in price -- only two of each item. The object of the "shopping spree" was to see who could spend closest to $2000 without going over. (Sounds like the Price is Right!) We downloaded SuperList (either freeware of shareware) which students used to record their "wishlist" items. We downloaded a trial version of Handy Checkbook which is a very easy program to use. Students recorded their initial deposit of $2000 and recorded each purchase as a check.

Later this week, we plan to explore ebook creator. Right now, we will be working with the trial version. I plan for the students to write a short autobiography complete with photos. After Thanksgiving, I hope we can begin podcasting - at least the daily announcements for school.