Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Podcasting American History

Today, I asked students to select an important event that happened in American History such as the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the assassination of JFK, September 11, etc. Next, students were asked to use the Internet to research this event and locate such facts as persons involved, eye witness accounts, date, time, place, cause, etc.

Tomorrow, students will be asked to write the script for a podcast that could have been the first radio news report from the scene. The podcast must begin with a 30 second introduction identifying who they are, where they are, the date and time, and their radio "podcast" station information. Four minutes of coverage in which they describe what is happening along with interviews from eye witnesses. Meaningful sound effects are encouraged (such as guns firing at Pearl Harbor). The podcast must conclude with a 30-second wrap up and asking the listener to stay tuned for further details.

I recently ordered the book KIDCAST: Podcasting in the Classroom. It is written by Dan Schmit--Dan also has a website that he updates regularly. I have found his website as well as his book to be extremely helpful.