Monday, January 09, 2006

First Term Ends

Our first term ended today, and my computer science students turned in their handheld computers. We have learned so much over the last few months. Students seemed to really enjoy the podcasting--many referred to it as their favorite class project. At the end of the term, I gave students the opportunity to share creative ways they had used the palm handheld outside the classroom. One student was having trouble with math--she videoed the teacher working the problem and played it over and over until she grasped the concept. Another student taped the Spanish teacher and listened to the voice memo to better his/her pronunciation. And yet another used Quizzler to review for Spanish vocabulary tests.

I plan for my Entrepreneurship students to use the handhelds next term. We run a school-based enterprise out of my entrepreneurship class where students create desktop publishing products. We will be creating some new products this term such as a weekly school podcast that can be played on the local radio station. I would also like students to have the opportunity to video math and science teachers explaining concepts and burn them to a CD. Students could check the CD out for remediation. Just some thoughts--will let you know how they work out.

I'm excited! I will be presenting a workshop at the Louisiana Computer Using Educators Conference in Baton Rouge in February. I will also be presenting at NECC this summer. Hope to see you there!


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