Thursday, May 25, 2006

Trackstar Updates

I have recently added to my collection of links on Trackstar. They can be referenced from the TrackStar site as follows:

Introduction to Podcasting - #272837
Using Handheld Computers in the Classroom - #218883 and #218982
Software for the Palm OS - #240182 and #288704

I hope to see you all at NECC in SanDiego. Marge Arnold and I will be presenting a concurrent workshop entitled Beaming across the Curriculum. It will be held on Friday, 7/7/2006, at 11:30am– 12:30pm, in the SDCC 9.


Blogger maceyr said...

It's always very cool to be finding how schools and classes are using Palms in the classroom. It would be great if the blog postings are more frequent as I think it would be very cool to get a perspective from the students, say using a specific day for the students to write a blog posting for this blog.

Sounds like it's working well. If you are interested in checking out more Palm related information, please come by and check out my Palm blog at Palm Discovery. I have created some postings and reviews using Flash simulations to help anyone learn how to use it. The students may find it interesting.


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