Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Computer Science - Year Three With Handhelds

This fall marks the third year we have used handheld computers in the computer science class at my school. In one week, we have managed to perform a hard reset on each handheld computer and re-install the Palm operating system and keyboard software. Students are still adjusting to the conflicts that occur between the keyboard and the ir port.

This year, we have the entire HLE suite of programs from GoKnow. Students have already discovered Sketchy and designed their animation of a famous historical event. Students will be making their presentations to classmates tomorrow. Titles that I have seen include: September 11, Titanic, and Caveman discovers fire.

We began an internet scavenger hunt designed to introduce students to the concept of podcasting. This hunt can be found using Trackstar #268838. Our goal is to podcast the weekly announcements on our school website.


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