Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Connected Tech 8th Grade Palm Project

Approximately 15 eighth-grade teachers along with three curriculum coordinators met today for our second inservice training on the use of handheld computers. Teachers brought their handheld computers, laptop computers, sync cables, software, etc. and came prepared to sync their handheld to their laptop. Ultimately, all teachers were able to install the Palm desktop to their laptops and install Docs to Go and Ebook Reader to their handheld computers.

Marge presented a lesson plan that could be used with the Louisiana comprehensive curriculum. Debbie distributed several documents that would be useful in preparing for parent's night as well as a sample handheld contract. Thoy explained the blackboard site and how participants could locate and logon to the site.

We discussed an article that was published in Interactive Educator entitled "electronic books help reluctant readers?" The article was written by Kathy Schrock. Teachers can request a free IE subscription at www.education.smarttech.com/subscribe.

Since Constitution Day is September 17, we informed teachers of the following blog where a free handheld curriculum unit on the Constitution will be made available by September 1. http://www.k12handhelds.com/blog/

Our next meeting will be held on September 7 (Thursday) from 4 to 6 p.m. Our main goal will be to share software such as Numerus, Flash/Boom, etc. with teachers and explain how it can be installed on their handheld computers.


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