Friday, September 08, 2006

Patriots Practice Podcasting

Although we were plagued by hotsync problems with voice memos, students are managing to finalize their school announcement podcast. We are using Audacity to edit the voice memos and add background music. By Monday afternoon, we should have seven individual podcasts concerning news and events at FPHS.

Next week, we will continue by creating a podcast for Constitution Week. Students will once again be divided into groups where they will combine patriotic music, a recitation of the Preamble, a short interview with a veteran, a brief history of Constitution Day, and a short citizenship quiz into an informative podcast. I hope to post these to my website for others to hear.

Following podcasting, my students will explore the use of virutal tours on the Internet. Once again, groups of students will create an actual virtual tour of our school campus. I hope to incorporate videos, photos, voice memos, text, and whatever else we can come up with to create a tour that can be featured on our school webpage. Stay tuned for further developments . . .

Third Inservice For 8th Grade Teachers

Eighth-grade teachers had the opportunity to experiment with several software programs including Divisible, Gone Mad, Numerus, Crickometer, and Angles. I chose to introduce these programs after reading Tony Vincent's blog entry concerning his experiences with teachers from Phoenix. After a brief demonstration of the programs, teachers actually used the Palm Quick Install to transfer the programs from my webpage to their laptops and on to their handhelds. The teachers are doing a great job with the handheld computers--we hope to have the actual handheld computers available to our 8th graders by October 1.

After attending Mike Curtis'workshop at NECC, I purchased a copy of Tap Smart Handshare for demonstrating handheld programs to teachers/students. It is a wonderful program--it is so nice not to have to bring another piece of equipment such as the Elmo!

My students used Sketchy to create animations of famous events in history. I showcased a few of these at the workshop: The Dawn of Man, The Hindenberg, and September 11. At first my students were disappointed because there were three September 11 animations. However, it was very interesting to see the different points of view.

Marge Arnold has recently started a blog describing the use of educational technology in Franklin Parish. You can find her blog at