Sunday, December 03, 2006

Just Returned From LACUE

Wow, I am so excited about what I learned at the Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educator's State Conference held in Baton Rouge. I was very fortunate to listen to Elliot Soloway and Cathie Norris who spoke on Mobilizing the Curriculum. I have attended several Handheld SIG meetings in which Elliot was in attendance and had read must of his research. His session was absolutely awesome! I heard Janet Caughlin give a presentation on using handheld computers and am eager to purchase her new book this spring. I actually attended a hands-on workshop where I created my own wiki using pbwiki. I can hardly wait to begin using a wiki in my classroom. Keynote speaker was Will Richardson--I moved to the very front of the ballroom so that I could hear him and see his presentation easily. After listening to Will's keynote address and attending his workshop, I finally understand how blogs, wikis, and RSS all work together. When Will spoke with a friend in Canada using Skype, my curiosity was definitely peaked. I have downloaded and installed Skype on my computer and was given 5 free minutes. I called my telephone just to see if it actually worked--it did!! I can hardly wait to use it with my students and with teachers when I conduct professional development workshops.

This was the very best LACUE conference that I have ever attended--and I have attended a few. A highlight of the conference was when Marge Arnold, our parish grant writer, was named as Louisiana's Outstanding Technology Educator of the Year.